Concrete, Rebar, & Masonry

When the Ebbert Company first began, concrete tools were the foundation of our business. Concrete vibrators, rebar tiers and concrete anchors helped form the foothold we have in the construction industry today, just as concrete is the foundation of almost any construction project. We have expanded our available selection to include forming hardware, rotating lasers, diamond blades, trowels, wheelbarrows and even concrete coatings and paint.

California has been increasing its usage of concrete year over year since 2012 and shows no signs of softening. There is sustainable growth throughout many sectors of construction, especially in single-family homes and improvement projects, up 8% from 2016.

Clark County has seen steady growth in the usage of concrete since 2010, with a spike in 2012. Las Vegas has a new stadium project underway and many casinos are under construction or renovations.

Arizona’s concrete & masonry industry has had similar increasing growth since 2010, with a large spike in usage in 2013 with the beginning of projects like the UA Cancer Center in Phoenix. Current projects with the ADOT and in Downtown Phoenix will ensure growth for years to come.

New Mexico had experienced a long-time slump in the consumption of concrete from 2014 through 2017, although a nearly 30% increase in usage was detected in 2018, marking the beginning of a renewed growth in construction. New Mexico is a leader in sustainable concrete production and creates a circular economy, diverting waste products into valuable input and fuel commodities.