Industrial products are goods used for professional use, as opposed to consumer products which are used by people in their homes. We are here to assist different work crews achieve high productivity with an equally high safety standard. Our manufacturers provide products that make your workers make the best of their time and abilities. We at the Ebbert Company have broken down our Industrial products into these segments:

Commercial and Industrial Warehouse – Not usually seen as a dangerous job; the potential for fatal injuries are higher than average in other industries. The common lack of equipment and training can raise the chances of injury. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE), ladders, safety railings, hi-vis and heat stress products are offered in this channel.

MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operations – Every structure, vehicle, and factory equipment built will need careful maintenance, repair, and inspection to fix any potential damage or wear. Businesses often miscalculate the underlying costs of MRO and underestimate the importance of this crucial segment. Maintenance and repair crews need to stay in constant communication and be equipped with the proper tools to keep buildings, equipment and structures up and running.

Petrochemical & Utilities – Some of the most dangerous jobs in the country come from harnessing fossil fuels, creating energy, and creating the pipelines & transmission lines to keep homes and business running. Many of the same dangers and conditions that construction crews face, such as may be further exacerbated by toxic exposure.

Agricultural - Every man, woman, and child in our country depends on the agricultural industry for sustenance and economy. The people who grow our food and raise livestock require the highest standards of safety and we are here to help.