Karen Lindsay




Fresh out of high school, I went to work for a small tool company as their office girl.  This was my first introduction to tools and the construction industry.  I gained a lot of my “concrete industry” background during those years.  I worked there until my big leap to Kaner Company in 1985 where I stayed until their close in the recession of 1991.  A bit of a dabble in wire rope and then raising a couple of kiddos.  I returned to this industry and Ebbert in 1997.  Twenty+ years later, here I am!  I really feel the longevity of the employees at Ebbert says a lot about this company.  It’s impossible to not see the value of what we do when you have devoted so much time to being part of it.  We are a team that shares the same goal.  We must make the manufacturers we represent, as satisfied as our customers.


Most people who know me know that I love a few things.  God, family and Disney.  In that order.  Now that my kids are raised, it’s all about the grandkids.  Boy, do they make life sweet.  I have found that the reward of raising your kids, is spoiling their kids.  I’m very good at it too!  My husband, George, and I are very active in our church and enjoy spending time with friends that we have made along the way.  We are avid “glampers.”  No tent camping here.  Our favorite form of travel after camping is on a cruise ship.  I love a cruise!  I’m not one to jump out of a perfectly good plane or anything as exciting as that.  My life is exciting enough.