Troy Ebbert - Our Fearless Leader

Manufacturer’s Representative

The Ebbert Company is the premier Manufacturer’s Representative in the Southwest region of the U.S. What is a manufacturer’s representative? We are an independent sales and marketing agency who brings a manufacturer’s products to wholesale and retail distributors within our territory. Our job is to know your market and ours - we bring the right products to the hands of the people that use them. The primary benefits that we bring to our manufacturers are sales and marketing, and our dedication to our distributors and end users brings service, training and growth opportunities for years to come.

The Ebbert Company began in 1960 with a small warehouse in Anaheim, CA and 2 employees, Bob Ebbert Sr. and his wife Marge Ebbert. The founding motto was:

“Provide superior service on a consistent basis.”

In 1977 Bob Ebbert Jr. joined Ebbert Company as a 50% partner. In 1984, his parents retired, and Bob orchestrated several successful decades of company growth by adhering to the original plan:

“Ebbert will be a company that you can count on."

After twenty years serving the industry, Troy Ebbert became our new President in 2014. His visions will launch decades of dependable success and exceptional service. Our current Mission Statement:

“To provide our manufacturers, distributors, and end-users superior representation in our territory. We will be second to none in training, servicing and selling the markets we cover by utilizing relationships, information and learned skills.”

For over 60 years and three generations our core beliefs remain the same. We strive to ensure our vendors and distributors achieve maximum attention to detail before, during and after the sale. As your manufacturer’s representative, we promise enthusiasm, expertise and integrity with our hardworking team of sales professionals. We are ready to deliver results.