Passive Fall Protection

Passive fall protection refers to a system that is non-dynamic, stationary, and does not move or adapt or change when in or out of use. Although it is not required, the use of personal protective equipment or fall protection is recommended for the worker, even when passive controls are in place. Typical passive solutions include guardrails, warning lines, skylight, roof hatch, gates, ladder guards and nets.

According to data from the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program, researchers found the following:

  • Approximately 42% of workplace fatalities involved falls
  • 54% of workers who died had no access to a personal fall arrest system, and 23% had access to PFAS but did not use it
  • About 1 out of 3 falls were from 30 feet or higher
  • 20% of deaths occurred in the victim’s first two months on the job

Typical fall events include:

  • Fall from ladder
  • Fall from same level
  • Fall from heights
  • Fall from elevated lift or platform
  • Fall through skylight
  • Fall from scaffolding

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