Sales: The number one goal of the Ebbert Company team is to get the manufacturer’s products into the hands of the end user at the right price, and we are here to help our customers throughout the whole process, from factory to jobsite. With five salesmen on the street working for you in easily manageable territories, we are able to quickly respond to opportunities and the needs of the customer and we have firmly established relationships in the industry to meet every demand with efficiency and value. With decades of experience, you can count on every member of our sales team to meet and exceed your commerce goals.

Marketing: The future of retail and B2B sales can only be maintained with a thorough approach to sales and marketing and making enhancements when new technologies are available. Whether that means distributing flyers and catalogs in person, attending trade shows and product knowledge demonstrations, creating digital product and promo announcements or connecting with our partners through e-mail marketing, the Ebbert Company has a vast and comprehensive approach for communicating new manufacturer promotions and product innovations to our many customers.

Training: Safety is our top priority and the Ebbert Company specializes in bringing safety products the hard-working men and women who need it the most. “Construction and Safety Marketing” is part of our trademark – we are second to none in preparing distributors to advise their customers on the proper tools for the job and how to safely use those tools in the field. We can provide tool demonstrations, heat stress and safety training, merchandising and marketing setups, end-user parking lot shows and much more.

Warehouse: Our inside sales team works closely with our manufacturers and distributors to get the right products into the customer’s hands as quickly and efficiently with the lowest cost possible. We can provide freight quotes and lead times with options to suit the needs of our consumers. We carry many products in our local warehouse in Fountain Valley and several of our manufacturers have local depots in our region in order to fulfill orders fast.