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Southern California is a megaregion, or megapolitan area, in the southern area of state of California. The largest urban areas include the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Orange County, the Inland Empire, and Greater San Diego. The region stretches along the coast from about Santa Barbara to the Mexican border, and from the Pacific Ocean inland to the Nevada and Arizona borders. Leading industries include agriculture, manufacturing (transportation equipment, machinery, and electronic equipment), biotechnology, aerospace-defense, and tourism. Principal natural resources include timber, petroleum, cement, and natural gas. With a population of nearly 24 million people, a combination of plentiful natural resources, and a temperate climate, the Southern California Market maintains a year-round construction schedule.

Clark County is a county located in Southern Nevada. The county has a population of roughly 2 million and is the most populous county in the state of Nevada, accounting for nearly three-quarters of its residents. Nevada manufactures gaming equipment, seismic and machinery monitoring devices, and specialty printing. Clark County is home to Las Vegas, the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and is a top three destination in the United States for business conventions. Las Vegas is a global leader in the hospitality industry and accommodations for the 43 million yearly visitors that pass through are constantly being built, rebuilt, upgraded and demolished, making for a very robust construction market.

Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States. Principal manufacturing products include electrical (Intel, Raytheon, Honeywell), communications, and aeronautical equipment with over 1,200 small and large-scale aerospace and defense companies. The state produces over half of the country's copper, making mining a major part of the state’s economy. Agriculture is also important to Arizona’s economy with top commodities like cattle and calves, dairy products, and cotton. Arizona’s market enjoyed the nation’s fastest job growth from 2012-2017 with large construction projects including schools, expansions to colleges, hospitals, housing, apartments, and senior living communities.

New Mexico is another state in the southwestern region of the US, east of Arizona. The principal industries include food products, chemicals, transportation equipment, lumber, oil, mineral extraction, and electrical machinery. Silicon computer chips are produced in the state making this sector worth about 80% of the manufacturing industry. Facebook recently announced it has opened a $1 billion data center that will eventually be about 6 buildings by the end of 2023, forming a 2.8 million-square-foot campus. This project will also bring an additional eight wind and solar projects in several counties, making the New Mexico construction market very busy with high-tech projects for years to come.