Tim Elenbaas




I have proudly been a team member of the Ebbert Company for over 25 years.  Troy Ebbert and I met at Cal State Fullerton in 1990 and have been close friends and coworkers ever since.  Working in the manufacturer’s rep business is truly a rewarding career.  It is very challenging and exciting as my daily duties and responsibilities are constantly changing due to the nature of the business.  I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration with a marketing emphasis.  I am proud to put my diploma to work every day working for a marketing and sales agency. I have received numerous awards from both manufacturers and distributors for outstanding achievements over the years.    I went to work for Gallo Wine as a sales rep right out of college and thankfully received a call from Bob Ebbert in mid-1994 asking if I was interested in changing careers.  As the saying goes…. the rest is history.


A fun fact that many people don’t know about me is that I was born in the UK in Guildford, England.  My father was working for Firestone Tire at the time and was transferred to England for about 8 years.  I then moved to Ohio and have lived in California since I was 8 years old.  I met my wonderful wife, Lisa, after college and have been married for almost 17 years.  Lisa has a successful career as an RSM for a payroll service provider company.  We are fortunate to have 2 fantastic children.  Hunter is 16 and Makayla is 12.  Hunter is into dirt bikes and fast cars, and Makayla spends her time doing gymnastics and dance.  In our spare time, we love to go boating on Lake Havasu and getting dirty playing in the desert with our RZR’s and dirt bikes.  We also enjoy going to different destinations camping in our RV whenever time permits.  I am a true believer in the saying “a family that plays together stays together”.