Troy Ebbert



I went to college so I wouldn’t have to join the family business and have other options, and after two years at Dunn and Bradstreet my father talked me into helping “just through the recession” …that was 1991. Since then I have never stopped learning and educating others about the manufacturer rep business. I am blessed to have been driven down this path which I have happily given my life too. I have had amazing mentors in both my father, Bob Ebbert and his father, Robert S Ebbert, our founder. Both of these great men instilled principles and morals into me that carry this company forward to this day and in any market condition. My biggest pride, however, is the people that I have surrounded myself with and whom I thoroughly enjoy leading. They aren’t employees, they are my extended family.


I am a total adrenaline junky… I love doing things that would terrify most people, except heights and sharks which scare the hell out of me. Many find this odd because I sell fall protection and am an avid scuba diver. In the winter months you will find me on the slopes as I was collegiate level slalom and giant slalom skier. In the summer you will find me in the desert shooting my guns and rock crawling in my Jeep. I am an avid shooter but do not hunt at all as I am an animal rights advocate. I love dogs and feel they are a superior species to humans in many cases. My favorite sport is Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) so you will find me on Saturday nights yelling at a TV with my friends.