The storage of surplus food and items has been one of the principle developments in the advancement of society, from prehistoric community-owned storage pits and medieval storage halls to the functionally specialized warehouses of today. Without the ability to store products and food, we would not have developed trade or have grown as a society.

Since the industrial revolution, the way we use warehouses has changed and become more diverse and specialized, adapting to new standards, technological innovations and changes in supply chain methods and mechanization.

There are approximately 915,000 people that work in over 17,000 warehouses in the U.S. The potential for fatal injuries is higher than the national average than other industries.

Potential hazards for workers in warehouses:

  • Unsafe use of forklifts and other vehicles
  • Improper stacking of products and lack of communication
  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  • Failure to follow proper lockout/tagout procedures
  • Inadequate fire safety provisions
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Falls from height and into holes
  • Being struck by objects
  • Heat stress

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